Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Match the speaker to the quote

1. "The goal is to integrate public policy and charitable giving."
2. "Why do people benefit in inverse proportion to their need? Well, market incentives make that happen."

3. "“He’ll do something that will have political impact. He’s not going to
just hide in the back room and dole out the money with a shade over his
head.” (In this case you have to match the quote to its subject - the "He" - to get points. Double credit if you ID the speaker)

4. "We take a lot of cues from the business world. We have very entrepreneurial people and a very entrepreneurial process. We identify a problem, we analyze it, and we move."

A. Bill Clinton
B. Michael Bloomberg
C. Peter Peterson
D. Bill Gates

And, yes, I am aware that all of the choices are white American men over 50 years old. I didn't say anything (yet) about what the collection of quotes or speakers might indicate. I simply pulled them together from my notes.

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