Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Design sustainability in

This post on IF: BOOK discusses the possibility for designing the future of the book with deliberate attention to sustainability. Its not enough to be networked, but to be sustainable. Here is another example of how sustainability is moving into the design of many things - from the Green Skeptic on designing greener gadgets.

This is something we should be thinking about in philanthropy. Designing for future realities, limiting degradability, thinking about the long term from the get go - these seem like good ideas to "design in" to programs, initiatives and strategies. This is similar to some of the building blocks and design elements and methodologies for foundations I have written about before, but the IF: BOOK author (Kim White) said it so much better than I did. As have Bill McDonough, Alex Steffen and others at WorldChanging, Donella Meadows, David Suzuki, or Amory Lovins.

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