Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge

The DonorsChoose Bloggers Challenge will end in a few hours. With the help of my seven year old, I calculate the running totals so far as:
  • >$365,000 raised
  • From more than 3000 donors
  • Benefiting more than 71,000 school kids
Average gift per donor: $100+

I'm sure DonorsChoose will announce final numbers tomorrow. In the meantime, consider this:
  • The organization is now on the radar screen of at least 3000 more people than it was just one month ago
  • The cost of each of those 3000 gifts was minimal - the bloggers did all the work
  • One blogger raised more than $100,000 for DonorsChoose.
My bet: we'll see plenty more of this kind of fundraising in the next few months. And then we won't.

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