Thursday, August 24, 2006

What is this blog about, anyway?

So I spend my days looking for patterns. That is, in between being with my family, walking the dog, medicating the 20 year old, one-eyed cat, running a business, working with clients, and writing. So, I thought I had better check in with myself about the patterns in the last month or so of blog postings.

Here are - in the order in which I remember them without looking at the archives - the topics covered:
- tax policy
- pension law
- online giving
- social networking
- complementary currencies
- virtual life/second life
- learning
- technology and philanthropy
- technology and social change
- economic inequities
- metrics and philanthropy
- community foundations

So that's what is on my mind. Since I am supposed to be outlining a new book, I thought I had better review what it is I'm thinking about. The above list, which looks somewhat random, actually makes me realize there may be hope for that book outline yet.

As for random connections - I am eagerly awaiting publication (October 19, 2006) of Steven Johnson's latest book, The Ghost Map. Johnson excels at connecting seemingly disconnected ideas and events, and the subtitle of the book alone is enough to draw me in

(see the photo, above). Johnson's history of a cholera epidemic aims to link disease to changes in modern science (easy to understand), urban planning (a step away from obvious) and the modern world (the big connection). I'm sure he can do it - that's why I'm waiting for the book. (I'll pre-order it from my local bookseller - not use his website's link to Amazon - as soon as I can). Maybe he'll read this and send me a reviewer's copy....

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