Friday, January 28, 2005

Will the nonprofit sector crash?

Here is one view of where nonprofits are headed. What do you think?

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Hal said...

My observation (as a consultant/educator trainer and board member of several nonprofits)is that the baby boomers are creating large numbers of nonprofits as they turn their energies toward personal and social interests, or to secure potential future employment as their malaise over corporate employment increases. The same phenomenon occurred in the rate of small business formation.

Will there be large numbers of small nonprofits that do not thrive? Yes. Many of the ones created in the last decade have incomes below $25,000 a year. Are there counterbalancing positives that will come out of this revolution of social entrepreneurs? Definitely. Some of the most creative work is being done by new entrants to the nonprofit sector. Must we insist that the creators stop creating, that all the small innovators be urged to merge with their larger brethren in the name of efficiency? No.